These are the main varieties of potato grown by RBR.

Maris Piper

  • The most widely grown variety in the UK 1 in every 5 acres of UK potato production is Maris Piper
  • Consistent all-round variety, suitable for both packing and processing
  • Oval to long oval, white skinned tubers with cream flesh


  • Traditional red-skinned variety
  • Suitable for Packing and Processing
  • Oval to long oval, red skinned tubers with light yellow flesh


  • Most widely grown pre packing variety in the UK
  • Oval to long oval, white skinned, light yellow fleshed tubers
  • Suitable for boil, mash, and baking


  • Maincrop pre-packing variety, suitable for boiling, mashing and bakers
  • Oval to long oval white skinned and fleshed tubers
  • Requires 20% less Nitrogen fertiliser than other packing varieties
  • Good drought and stress tolerance


  • Versatile maincrop pre-packing variety that is also suitable for processing
  • Oval, white skinned, light yellow fleshed tubers
  • Low seed rate requirement
  • Variety is resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode RO1, and has partial resistance to the PA2/3 species

King Edward

  • Traditional variety with excellent cooking qualities, especially roasting
  • Short oval part coloured skinned tubers with cream flesh
  • Disease resistance is not a strong feature of the variety


  • Maincrop pre packing variety
  • Oval to long oval, white skinned, yellow fleshed tubers suitable for boiling and mash


  • Maincrop variety that can be used for both salad and ware production
  • Oval to long oval, white skinned tubers with waxy cream flesh


  • Maincrop general ware and pre-packing variety that can be suitable for processing
  • Oval, red skinned, light yellow fleshed tubers

Maris Peer

  • Second early variety for early season ware and set skinned small production
  • Oval, white skinned, cream fleshed tubers with excellent cooking qualities

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New 168.5KW Solar Array

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